Production Still But It Doesn't Have Me #NoHoIFF
But It Doesn’t Have Me
Directed by Rosie Walunas

“But It Doesn’t Have Me” follows long-time resident of Amherst, Massachusetts, Deb Waldron and her struggle to cure the incurable disease that binds her to a wheelchair. Deb’s obsession to heal herself unravels through home videos, photographs, and interviews with friends and family, including her son, with whom she has a tumultuous relationship.


 When I first met Deb, it was immediately clear she wanted her healing process documented so she could share it with others. I stepped into her apartment, she offered me a cup of tea and promptly started spraying herself with a watery silver solution.


Produced & Directed by Rosie Walunas
29 mins


Sunday, October 12, 1:00 PM