Production Still Raising Matty Christian #NoHoIFF
Raising Matty Christian
Directed by Christian de Rezendes

This inspirational documentary profiles the life of Matthew G. Christian (1983-2009), known as ‘Matty’ from the town of Canton, Massachusetts, who was born without a full set of arms and legs and without a tongue. As told through interviews with his parents Allie and Jerry, brother Michael and several close friends and authority figures throughout his life, ‘Raising Matty Christian’ paints a portrait of an inspiring young man who never took no for an answer and set out to live life to the fullest.

Powerful new film celebrates life and legacy of Canton’s Matty Christian.


Produced by Allie Christian, Amanda de Rezendes
Directed by Christian de Rezendes
Featuring: Rick BartelKen BerkowitzGary Bosselman

85 mins


Sunday, October 12, 2:15 PM